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Friday, December 17, 2010

Germany with Analeise (click here for more...)

I went to Germany with Analeise in early Deceber 2010.  We visited my old host brother from Belgrade and his family in Leipzig, and the University of Applied Sciences in Giessen.

Analeise in the Frankfurt train staton.

Pictures of Teaching and Finnish don't get knock-knock jokes (click here for more...)

Here are several picures of me teaching or in some recent classroom setting.  I suppose mostly this post is just for my mom.

More Silliest Games Ever for Professional Development and Business Communications (click here for more...)

Here are a few more ideas from students about good ways to improve thier abilities to overcome their Finnish Shyness - one of the greatest themes of this part of our professional development class.

Final Presentations for Advanced Topics (click here for more...)

I had excellent students this semester in the Advanced Topics class that I taught with Professor Kazi.  These are various pictures that I took of the final presentations.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Finnish class (click here for more...)

So I have been taking Finnish classes every Tuesday afternoon for 3 hours with my colleague Mirja Kinnunen.  It makes me tired to concentrate that hard for 3 hours.  Here are several pictures of our last class.
Our international class of Finnish as a Foreign Language led by Mirja Kinnunen.

Teaching Emergency Preparedness (click here for more...)

Yesterday 16 November, I gave a lecture about the Incident Command System (ICS) to Anasse's Emergency Preparedness class.

Here I am explaining the rudiments of ICS.  I got this jacket for 16 euros at a second hand store in Stockholm and it is one of my favorite jackets now.  (currently is a tie for first with the tweed jacket I got from Goodwill over 15 years ago.)

Presentations about 'How to Be Interviewed' and some silliness (click here for more)

This week in Professional Development and Communication Skills the topic was job interviews.  Here are some pictures from that day and an explanation of the silliest group exercise I have ever had in my class.

The above discussion of Body Language was very good.  Overall the students in this class give really good presentations.  Their strengths are that they don't have too much information, don't read and keep the presentations short.  They are head and shoulders above some of my American students unfortunately.